American pop music – “concert review” | Introduction to American Popular Music

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September 17, 2021
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September 17, 2021

American pop music – “concert review” | Introduction to American Popular Music

The concerts can be any popular music performance in which you can listen actively to the performance. Due to the Covid-19 issues, I am allowing concerts from YouTube or other online sources to count for the concert review. The concert must also be at least an hour in length. 2 pages typed and double-spaced. 

Please include URL (online link), date, venue, genre, and name of performance or performers at the top of your paper.

Important Considerations in writing your review
Comment on aspects of music such as genre of music, performance forces used (instrumentation), texture, form, style periods represented, staging and costumes (when it applies), etc. In addition; make observations as to unique or unusual uses of music within the concert (rhythm, harmony, instrumentation, and so on).
A good paper will start with an introduction which discusses the general details of the concert plus first impressions of the concert experience.

Good information to mention here would be concert theme (if there is one), was it a student or professional ensemble or soloist, interesting program notes, etc.

Follow the introduction with general observations about the performance.

Did the performers make comments about the music during the performance? Did the comments add to the understanding and enjoyment of the concert.
Were there any surprises? Special effects on an instrument or special instruments used?

Then write in detail about one song or group of similar songs which were of particular interest to you. Talk about style, color (instruments), texture (monophonic, homophonic, or polyphonic), and form (verse/chorus, waltz song, etc.).

Discuss the genre and era of the music.
Did they perform any music or styles which were studied in this class? Were you able to hear the important ideas about the styles in the performance?

Finally, write a conclusion about the concert. Mention personal observations about the concert.

What was your overall impression?
If this type of concert was new to you, would you go to another? Why?

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