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June 18, 2021
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June 18, 2021
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business law project 5 – Assignment Hub

This assignment consists of two elements:

Your responses to questions (as listed below) taken from Chapters 1 to 9 in the text; and

Your responses to questions relating to case based questions (as listed below) taken from Chapters 1 to 9 in the text.

This assignment will require you to submit a formal report of your responses to the questions as a Word document submitted through the Assignment 1 Turn It In drop box on the course Moodle site. Do not repeat the questions in your submission but make sure that you number your responses consistent with the assignment.
There is no formal minimum or maximum length for your reports but you should expect that a minimally satisfactory response for each question will be at least 150 words and at least 250 words for each case based question.You may exceed this minimum but a minimally satisfactory response is not likely to be less than the minimums stated above. Make sure you reference any external sources you use in your responses.
the doc file will be the question sheet, and the powerpoint will be the resource. i will post more ppt to provide more information.
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