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Advise Jane as to whether the 3 statements made by the manager at the trial session are terms of the contract and whether there is any alternative claim in misrepresentation
September 12, 2021
Criminology- thoroughly answer questions 3 & 4. (Then check questions 1,2, & 5 for correctness)
September 12, 2021

discussion question 3419977 2 – Essay Writers


Pick one or more examples from everyday life and write a WHILE and a DO-WHILE loop.
For example, the classic “lather, rinse, repeat” on a shampoo bottle could be written as:
while (hair dirty){  Lather;  Rinse;}
or as
do{   Lather;   Rinse;} while (hair dirty);
While my examples are very similar they are not logically equivalent.  If a person has clean hair, they will not wash at all in the first example.  In the second example they will lather and rinse at least once.  Are your examples equivalent?  (It depends on how you set it up).

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