english essay

create a table that shows the average amount of phosphorous in the streams located 100 meters, 300 meters, and 500 meters from the corn field.  Additionally, include in your table the N value (which is the number of samples taken in each stream).
October 10, 2021
Socw 6210-6 | SOCW 6210 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment II | Walden University
October 10, 2021

english essay

English Essay about “Jusitfy My Love”

I need someone to write an analysis an argumentative essay about Madonna’s song “Justify My Love” . I need you to discuss how the music video portraited Sexualitty and Nudity. I also want a counterarguement and NEED you to have 5 good sources to support your work. don’t give me photos from the internet as support i want legit data from articles and need WORK CITED PAGE and ANNOTED BIBLIOGRAPHY with at least 5 SOURCES. I will use turnitout before I pay for the essay so please make sure that you dont plagrarize and the turnitin doesnt show more than 20 percent.
1500words and due in 5hours
chat with me before anything so I can know if you are right for this assignement.


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