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September 12, 2021
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September 12, 2021

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I have an video which I needd watched and to answer the questions below here is the link to video

need the grade lvl 3-5 and in the scince one watched and the questions belowto be answered  in complete detail


attached is also the direction list






1. Observation and Description

Explain a learning theory observed in the video.<oltype=b><li>Describe the observed teaching situation in terms of group characteristics, seating arrangement, and any additional criteria necessary to present the setting of the learning environment.<br><oltype=c><li>Describe the observed teacher-to-student interactions.<oltype=d><li>Describe the observed student-to-student interactions.

(Max chars: 10,000)


. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning

Describe the purpose of the observed lesson.<oltype=b><li>Describe a teaching strategy implemented in the observed lesson.<br><oltype=c><li>Analyze the teacher’s possible purpose for implementing a teaching strategy observed in the video.<br><oltype=d><li>Describe the level of student engagement with the observed lesson.


The grade level is 3-5 The teacher was trying to demostrat that studenst can work together without the teacher having to constantly be there in each group. It was also teaches the children independance.

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