Initial Prospectus Review

Analysis of Homegrown Provider Order Entry System
September 16, 2021
Leadership as a Vocation –
September 16, 2021

Initial Prospectus Review

Part I
Write a  300-word response to the following:

Based on the review of your draft 1 (See attached), what new knowledge or concepts have you learned to help with revisions.
Convey your progress and/or barriers that have had an impact on your progress.

Part II
In the past couple weeks, you should have reviewed feedback and given much thoughts and consideration of your proposed research; this includes programmatic and methodology alignment. In this discussion, lets revisit these concepts. Consider your research problem statement, purpose, and research questions alignment in terms of the subject or topic area along a continuum to the most appropriate research method and design.

What is (are) the research variables?
Explain how your problem statement, purpose, research questions and research design are aligned.
How is the subject aligned with the DHA program? Consider Significance of the Study content.
Share at least 2 research studies you have located that address the appropriateness of the research method and design.


Use the prospectus attached as a reference. 

For both parts:
*Do not use quotes in the discussion. This is space to hone your scholarly writing skills.
*Important notice: do not use .com reference sources, as most represent commercialization of content and not considered scholarly or peer-reviewed.
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