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November 26, 2021
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International-airport-business-and-finance-homework-help – Custom Nursing Help

Please answer the following questions below. Your answers need to be substantial (e.g. at least a couple of paragraphs for each question). They are based on the following articles: De-Escalating Information technology projects: Lessons From the Denver International Airport and How to fail in project management (without really trying)

Describe the scope of the baggage system in the case of Denver International airport.
Identify specific project requirements in the case of Denver International airport.
Identify key stakeholders in the case of Denver International airport.
Provide an analysis of how a scope control system could have been implemented in the Denver case in order to avoid scope creep. Please provide relevant references.
Based on the article by Pinto & Kharbanda “How to fail in project management without really trying” analyze which of the project classic mistakes were evident in the Denver airport case. In your analysis, clearly list each mistake and explain the reasons behind it

The case is attached
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