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April 2, 2022
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Personal Health task 1 – Lion Essays

Personal Health task 1
Each student will select a health behavior that they would like to change for the better in 8 weeks. These behaviors can be based on dietary, exercise, addictions, weight management etc. It should be strictly based on how to improve on a health behavior. Students should list the steps or plans to adapt to this health behavior. Topics chosen for this class should be submitted to Instructor before the end of second-week class. Every student’s topic will be subject to approval.
At least a 4-page paper (double-spaced, 15% of final grade) with at least 5 citations is expected from each student. The full score is 50 points. All term project must be submitted through the “Assignments” on Canvas. Essay-1 includes information about the progress that the student has made throughout the semester improving their selected behaviors. The student will explain the successes or challenges they had throughout during the 8-weeks. They should also include what they would have done differently
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