redo justification report part 3 final

Review the attached PowerPoint presentation. Once done present a 900 words essay discussing the influence and contributions of the public health nursing the healthcare reform.
April 1, 2022
Explain why a simple sentence was most effective in this case, or explain why it might need to be changed to a different sentence type.
April 2, 2022
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redo justification report part 3 final

Assignment 2.2 directions stated: “In Part 2, you will revise Part 1 based on your instructor’s suggestions and add to it the following sections: Evaluation of Alternatives, Findings and Analysis, and References.” You did not include the revised Part I here. Please be sure to use my comments on Assignment 2.1 as well as comments in this writing for your final revision and work in Assignment 2.3.
Again, although your personal narrative is interesting, it is not appropriate for the Report. In revision, you should create an Overview of Alternatives Section which clearly describes two alternatives to addressing the Problem Statement. These Alternatives must be options you research in terms of the Criteria you identify.
Although you make many insightful generalizations about business in this writing, this is much to broad for the Report. In revision, you’ll need to create a concrete, specific topic to address in your organization. I’ll attach the Report directions, sample Report, and template to help you with this task.

A Justification Report is a specific writing genre in APA Format. You should use the format explained in course materials and provided in the Justification Template.
The Justification Report is not an essay, instead, it is a Report that addresses a specific problem which you offer two Alternative solutions. The bulk of the Report should be researching those solutions. 
What is your problem statement? The Problem Statement is the most important part of the Report. So, you should make it a priority to create one before moving on to the upcoming aspects of the Report. 
Begin with Problem Statement -Orients reader to the topic and problem being investigated-Why is the topic important? Explain how report will help reader solve the problem.
Where is this information from? As noted in course materials, in order to avoid plagiarism, you need to include both in-text citations and a References Page.
As noted in comments in Assignment 2.1, this Report must offer research on specific/concrete options for change in your employer. Although you make some interesting generalizations about each criteria category, each section is missing specific information which will be needed in revision.
Missing Findings and Analysis section. 
The Findings and Analysis section must include a brief narrative summary of the major discoveries from the Evaluation of Alternatives section. In addition, this section must include a chart to illustrate these findings at a glance.
The Justification Report requires that you create two Alternatives for the Problem identified. The directions also require that you create 5 criteria with which both Alternatives will be assessed. Your Report does not meet these standards

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