Research Project: Paper and Lesson Plan

Each of these aspects should be fully explained and justified based primarily on information provided in the course (including the lectures). In addition to the course materials, you should cite two (2) additional research papers related to your final diagnosis and that have informed your clinical decision-making process. HOWEVER, this is not intended as a research paper. I do not expect lengthy discussions on the etiologies nor an extensive bibliography. You may write 750 words for this assignment so your thoughts should be well reasoned and precisely stated. Superfluous writing and unfounded statements are STRONGLY discouraged.
November 26, 2021
Discussion question 1 to 2 pages
November 26, 2021
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Research Project: Paper and Lesson Plan

The candidate provides a paper regarding the chosen issue of the use of multimedia in an educational application. A narrow focus is drawn from thecritiques. A detailed lesson plan that follows best practices is included as an appendix.Issue to discuss: Why do we want to use multimedia for teaching? Sample Solution
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