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sociology criminology 6 – Custom Nursing Help

In Chapter 9 and 10, it discusses issues with regards to causes of violence and theories of Criminal Life Course.  This paper is to look at social, personal and environmental aspects that relate to problem behaviors.   Listed below are several articles and cases that are from different crime areas.  You are asked to select one case from each of the sections below and attempt to explain the crime using one of the theoretical perspectives that are listed in the chapters.  The cases below are just suggested ones and  you are free to explore other cases that might interest you more.  You need to select one criminal case from each section and use one of the theories from Chapter 9  (Developmental Theory, Theories of Criminal Life Course, Latent Trait theory, General Theory of Crime, etc) in order to explain why these crime may have taken place.  You must use at least 4 theories in total.  In the violent women section, that article touches on 10 violent women and you are required only to select ONE of those women.  The articles listed below are a starting point and you are expected to do further research on each case. 
Identity Theft:
Work Place Violence:
School Shootings

Violent Women  it shows that perception of beauty can influence punishment in sexual abuses cases where the perpetrator was a male versus a female.  Statistics show that men are more likely to receive jail time for such cases and women are given probation.)
Be sure to complete this assignment using the theories in the book.  The assignment should be 3-5 pages.  Make sure you have clear statements for the defense and the prosecutor and make sure you cite all of your sources
Again, if any of your paper is plagiarized, you will be failed for the assignment and the semester.  You must cite all of your work
Textbook: Criminology The Core,  5th edition by, Larry Siegel

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