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The first step in the development of your final product and the “catalyst” for our prompt begins with a desired technology initiative.
Scenario: Decatur Texas School District, under the direction of the local school board and superintendent, is in the process of initiating a major technology overhaul that will impact budget designations, curriculum, and teacher development. As part of this process, the superintendent has asked each school’s administrative team to develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines their vision of the future and includes any policy or funding issues that conflict with the success of their recommendation. As a member of your school’s leadership team and a respected teacher leader, your principal has you to take on this challenge.
The initiative requires the district to move to a one-to-one model of technology. The Board has asked each school to look at two possibilities: a Student Owned Device Initiative, or a straight technology purchase of either laptops/netbook/chromebook, tablets, or other mobile devices and include a proposed roll out schedule. 
Your proposal should address the following:

State your personal recommendation.
Discuss the educational goals for the initiative (ideas can be found in a school’s mission statement or school improvement plan).
Discuss the needs of the educational setting relative to technology (this is a personal opinion, but should be supported with outside resources).
Describe the existing technology policy, including the challenges or additions that will need to be addressed in the new policy.
Describe two existing districts that have implemented a one-to-one model (make sure to identify one Student Owned Device system and one technology purchase system).
Describe peripheral resources and expenses associated with the purchase (open education resources, software, training, support, etc.).
Explain how the purchase plan will be evaluated (this should be linked to your goals).

Your proposal should be three to five pages in length (not including the title and reference pages), double-spaced, and should follow APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. A minimum of three scholarly sources, should be used. All references should be properly cited according to APA guidelines
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