writing assignment i just need help more than paying

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September 12, 2021
Evaluate the research literature in terms of reliability, credibility, ethics, and value
September 12, 2021

writing assignment i just need help more than paying

For this assignment, pretend you have been hired by a new museum to create a display on how rivers are important to human civilization. The museum wants you to create six separate galleries, each one with pictures and information about a different way that humans rely on rivers, or how human civilization and exploration has been affected by rivers. They also want a gallery dedicated just to displaying interesting facts about a certain river.

Select ONE of the rivers below and design six museum galleries for it:

Nile (Egypt)
Mississippi (America)
Amazon (South America)
Columbia (America)
Yangtze (China)
Volga (Europe)
Murray-Darling (Australia)
a river of your choice, such as one that runs through your hometown—you can go take your own pictures of it

Make a slideshow presentation to present the pictures and text you want in each gallery:

Have one slide for each gallery (a total of 6 slides):

four that show how the river is used by humans;
one that shows how the river has affected civilization, settlement, or exploration;
and one that shows a collection of interesting facts about the river.

Put the pictures in the main part of the slide.
In the Notes section beneath each slide, write text to describe the human need you are addressing and how the river provides or fulfills that need. Be sure to give examples and describe each one so that museum visitors understand how the river affects human civilization. Do not just say, “People use rivers for food.” Give examples of foods we get from rivers, talk about how we get that food and how people use it, etc.

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